Tristan Rain is a swiss artist. He was born in Liestal/Basel in 1972 and splits his time between Paris (France) and Berlin (Germany), as well as working occasionally in Stockholm (Sweden).

Painting and Photography.

His work is about an incomplete, fragmentary, discontinuous vision of human perception.

Tristan Rain has been interested in archeology and cartography since his childhood, and his artistic works often use archaeological as well as cartographic concepts. In particular the group "Mercator" uses fragments of routes of the historical discoveries, above all the Arctic.


He realized exhibitions in Europe, Asia, North- and South-America.
His most recent exhibitions took place in the following institutions : Novembre à Vitry, Parcours d'Artistes in Pontault-Combault, Réalités Nouvelles in Paris, Contemporary Art Museum Pékin, Salon d'automne Tel Aviv, St.-Petersburg Exhibition Center of the Arts, Moscow Palace of Arts, Museum of the Americas à Miami.