It's all connected (2023)

Rue des Pyrénées (2017)

Une vague lueur (2008)

The five drawings "Une vague lueur » (An uncertain glimmer) were created in November 2008 in Paris. The small group of pencil drawings looks cool and confident, facing the elements of space and people or something vegetative. It is a work of composition, of balance, of extreme reduction. Not really figurative, not purely conceptual.

Entrevues / Zwischensichten (2006)

"Entrevues are graphite drawings in small format, 16x25, 4cm incurred 2006th They are both complex and simple, fragile, sensitive, delicate drawings. They may make us think of a person group, with their dialogues, communication, tensions. In certain places, however, are missing parts of the drawing, invisible, hidden as a group of people. These disturbing zones raise questions. The imperfect of the work or the incomplete perception of reality also dominate these works.

Fragments (2006)

I Never wanted it anyway (2005)

The drawings "I never wanted it anyway" were executed in spring 2005. These are graphite works on A4. The drawings are quick, spontaneous, situate between figuration and informal abstraction. Intricate, delicate ornamentation and baroque structure between the automatism of the 20 Century, full of knots, overlapping, interlocking fragments. And somehow everything grows together in the eye of the onlooker and become « group-portraits ».

Couloir de Nuit (2005)

The work group of drawings "Couloir de Nuit" originated in 2005. These are small-scale charcoal drawings on smooth Bristol. The works were created after the "About Beauty"-paintings-series. A kind of figurative design is found asymmetrically in a room. A drawn frame defines the border between inside and outside.

Une Memoire en Pièce (2002)




Paperworks (2018)

Paperworks (2017)